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Surrogacy programs and Surrogacy cost

While a couple look forward for a surrogacy arrangement in order to fulfill their dreams of achieving parenthood, cost of the same program comes as one of the biggest factors to be considered in the whole process. Moreover, there are various surrogacy agencies present around world coming on board with numerous programs and packages in order to lure the intended parents around. Let’s have a look at some of those in regards to their surrogacy laws and cost of surrogacy programs in their territories.


If we talk about Australia, only Altruistic (commercial surrogacy) is legal in the country and the intended parents are not permitted to put up advertisements in regards to the search of the surrogate. Egg or sperm donation is not permitted along with the surrogate matching services in the country. Moreover, only the local citizens of the country are allowed to seek surrogacy in the country and the surrogacy program would cost somewhere around $50000-$60000.


Canada is been highly deemed as a country with the highest happiness quotient and affordable surrogacy programs can certainly be quoted as one of the many reasons in the same regards. On the other side, Commercial surrogacy is allowed in the country for the foreign couples which come at a cost of $90000.


If we look into the United States of America, the rules and guidelines in regards to the surrogacy rules varies from stage to state and it is available for foreigners along with the Gay and heterosexual couples alongside. Talking about the cost factor, it would take around $68000 for a couple to seek a surrogacy program in the country.


If we consider Kenya as a surrogacy haven, that shouldn’t be coming as a surprise for all the couple around the world. The surrogacy in Kenya is much cheaper and affordable for everyone around the world and its available for everyone form heterosexual to gay couples in the country. Moreover, the cost would come around $50000.


Surrogacy is not permitted for foreign couples in the country and only the local citizens are allowed for the same based on certain specific situations. Moreover, the name of the egg donors needs to be kept secret during the whole process.


Altruistic surrogacy is permitted in UK and the intended parents are not allowed to seek the surrogate mother’s services through advertisements. Also, it’s banned for the foreigners.


Surrogacy in Ukraine is only permissible for the heterosexual couples and people from other countries can also look for the surrogacy programs whilst complying with the existing rules and regulations. On the other side, it would cost around $45000 for the couples looking for the services.

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