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Surrogacy Process

Over the years, a number of couples have come to know about Surrogacy and its related aspects but most of them have stayed away from the process in the wake of certain myths and misconceptions. While the lack of awareness has been the key reason behind all those elements, understanding the surrogacy process is something which holds the major significance in the same context.

Types of surrogacy

Before you look ahead towards the whole surrogacy process, you must ensure to look around to the type of surrogacy you are comfortable with. Generally, there are two types of Surrogacy arrangements i.e. traditional surrogacy and Gestational surrogacy.

Traditional surrogacy: Traditional surrogacy comes up as an arrangement where the surrogate mother would be carrying the baby for the Intended parents in her womb and she would then be receiving the agreed compensation from the couples in the process. Moreover, the surrogate mother would be having a genetic connection with the child hereby and this is s big reason this surrogacy arrangement isn’t that popular amongst couples worldwide.

Gestational surrogacy: Gestational surrogacy comes as an arrangement where the surrogate mother would be carrying the child for the intended parents after being inseminated by the embryo developed out of the sperm and eggs from the intended parents. The surrogate mother will not be sharing her genetics with the future child and this is why this type of surrogacy arrangement is largely preferred by most of the intended parents around.

Surrogacy process

Step 1: Searching the surrogate mother

Once a couple make up their mind in regards to getting on board with a surrogacy arrangement, the first and foremost thing they have to do is searching for the surrogate mother. This can be done by doing a localized search all by themselves or check out with their friends, family and connections on the social media. Still most of the couples prefer to go with the surrogacy agencies in order to get along with the same task as that saves them a lot of time and efforts during the whole process.

Step 2: Surrogate matching and screening process

Once the surrogate has been located, she needs to be matched according to the choices and preferences of the intended parents as the couple would be looking forward to all the moral ethics and values in their future child. Moreover, the surrogate mother and intended parents needs to go through a detailed medical checkup in order to diagnose for any sort of medical and psychological issue which may impact the overall health of the future child.

Step 3: Legal agreement and the Embryo transfer process

Once the Intended parents and the surrogate mother are been through the surrogate matching and screening process, they are now required to enter into a legal agreement as per the existing surrogacy laws of the state, which would then be drawn on board with a legal attorney alongside This would make each of the parties responsible and accountable towards the other during the whole process and there would rarely be any scope of dispute during the whole process.

Moreover, once the legal formalities are over, the intended parents needs to bring an IVF clinic and physician on board to carry out the embryo transfer process which would then be facilitating the pregnancy for the surrogate mother while taking care of her during the whole pregnancy period.

Step 4: Claiming the custody of the child

It all depends on the existing laws and guideline of the country where the surrogacy is been practiced whether the intended parents needs to claim the custody of the child or they would be getting the same right initially. Still, an attorney is that one person who can make the couple understand everything in the same regards during the surrogacy arrangement and make it easy for the couple in the process.

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