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Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) always comes as one of the best methods for diagnosing any sort of genetic defects or chromosomal deficiencies present in the Embryos. It can further been used to check the overall quality of the Embryo in regards to any type of genetic issues or issued pertaining to it within the IVF cycle.

Most of the physicians and fertility experts around brings this diagnosis in use to monitor genes which are coming along with certain issues and bound to be carried forwarded to the developed embryo during the IVF treatment and thus, its transportation and growth can be stopped in advance once traced using this method.

PGD process in IVF

  • Initially few of the cells are removed from the embryos (which are developed for 5 days) with a micro surgical process. Once the cells are collected , the remaining ones are frozen safely
  • It’s the DNA of the cells which is then analyzed in order to check the presence of any inherited problematic gene in each of the embryo. The process takes around a week or so.
  • Once its been identified that the embryos are free of any such genetic issues, the embryos are then successfully placed in the uterus and then the physician have to wait for the implantation process which would then gets along with further tests for ascertaining pregnancy
  • All the embryos which are free of any genetic issues either gets implanted into the uterus or gets frozen for the future use whilst the corrupted ones gets destroyed in the process

Starting from the egg retrieval process till getting the final results of PGD, the whole process can take upto several weeks. On the other side, the process generally includes the embryo collection, fertilization, 3-5 days of its development, 1-2 weeks of testing, and scheduling an appointment to discuss results with your doctor.

Why PGD is so relevant during the IVF Treatment?

Comes as one of the best methods to diagnose any sort of health issue in women gone through multiple IVF treatments

  • Best diagnosis methods to check for any sort of fertility issues in women at their mid ages
  • One of the best ways to check the genetic issues in women which have gone through various embryo transfers processes without attaining pregnancy.
  • Women who have been diagnosed for genetic and chromosomal count in their pregnancy period can get help from PGD.
  • PGD also helps women with single gene mutations as the future child can be saved in time from that to be carried forwarded
  • It also helps you in bringing treatment for certain genetic disorders and chromosomal defects which might bring unwanted issues for women during her pregnancy journey.
  • PGD also facilitates the overall pre- implantation of embryo into woman’s uterus whilst ensuring a safe delivery of the child in the process.
  • PGD also ensures that the born child must be without any genetic defects and health issues.
  • PGD helps in tracking and eliminating any sort of defects in the parental genes.

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