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Surrogacy has helped numerous couples over the years who have been childless all their lives and this is something which can be quoted as very significant for the couples battling with the demon of infertility around .Moreover, when it comes to surrogacy arrangement, a surrogate mother has some big role to play in the context of the whole surrogacy journey.

Similarly, we at surrogacy point Bangkok always ensure keeping a good care of our surrogates whilst screening them for all kind of health and psychological issues.

Who all can be a surrogate mother?

  • A women between the Age group of 22-28 years
  • Must be having a Healthy body mass index (BMI)
  • Shouldn’t be coming along from a background of unhealthy issues and chronic illness
  • Must not be addicted to alcohol or smoking
  • Ensured to be supported by her family during the whole surrogacy process
  • willing to cope up with all the stress and anxiety during the surrogacy process

Why Surrogates needs to be screened for medical, character and moral backgrounds?

Surrogates are required to be screened before bringing them onboard for a surrogacy arrangement and this must be done for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that the surrogate mother is healthy enough in physical and psychological aspects to bear the child for the intend parents
  • To check the emotional willingness of the surrogate mother in order to carry the child for the intended parents
  • To ensure that the surrogate mother is getting all the emotional and morale support from her family members while carrying the child for the intended parents

Screening process for the Surrogate mother

  • Initially, their Medical, Social and Drug History get checked in order to ensure their physical and mental health alongside.
  • Afterwards, it’s about checking the birth records of the child which has previously been carried by the same surrogate mother
  • Determining their Health status by making them go through a round of Various Medical checkups for their blood type, Hormone levels and other aspects.
  • Getting their background checked to ensure better ethical and moral values for the future child

Surrogates at Surrogacy point Bangkok

Here at Surrogacy Bangkok, we have got the best and most eligible surrogate mothers profiles with us on board which are duly screened and checked for any kind of physical, moral or psychological issues alongside. Moreover, we always ensure that the Surrogate mother we have in our records must be carrying all the ethics, morals and social values which our clients would like to see in their future child and that’s where out perfect surrogate screening program comes into picture.