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Gestational surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is one of the most popular surrogacy arrangements around the world and the surrogate mother here isn’t genetically connected to the child she is giving birth to. Moreover, the development of the embryo after taking the sperm and egg from the intended parents is carried out via IVF and the embryo is then implanted to the womb of the surrogate mother.

Moreover, one or both of the intended parents are biologically connected to the child and this could well be the biggest reason why this type of surrogacy arrangement is immensely popular amongst couples worldwide.

Who all must look forward to Gestational surrogacy?

Although Gestational surrogacy is generally meant for every couple who are looking forward to realize their dreams of having a child in their life, it mainly depends on a country’s exiting laws and guidelines which permits one or all types of couples or individuals to pursue Gestational surrogacy for their respective needs. Still Gestational surrogacy is largely been pursued by:

  • All those couples or individuals who are struggling with infertility issues within their lives
  • Single parents who are not intended to conceive with a partner
  • Gay or Lesbian couples who would like to have a child of their own
  • All those couples or individuals who want a genetic connection with their child during the surrogacy process without having the surrogate with same connection with their future child
  • Any women who is not been able to carry a child due to certain health issues

Moreover, Gestational surrogacy comes as the most popular amongst all the couples around the world due to the fact that their future child won’t be sharing any genetics with the surrogate mother she or he will be born with. This is something which has pushed the growth of number of people opting for Gestational surrogacy but still they have to take care of all the laws and guidelines within the same country in regards to the Gestational surrogacy arrangements within their territory. Additionally, if you are a foreign couple, there are further rules and regulations in place which needs to be religiously followed by the Intended parents all along the Surrogacy process

Gestational surrogacy process

When we talk about the Gestational surrogacy process, it’s mostly about finding a Surrogate, getting all the required legal contracts and proceeding with the procedure of embryos transfer to the uterus of the Surrogate mother. Moreover, it’s all up to the intended parents whether they would like to take care of all the responsibilities by themselves or hire an agency to help them out in the whole surrogacy journey. Moreover, the whole gestational surrogacy process goes ahead in one of the following case scenarios.

  • eggs and sperm from the intended parents gets extracted and they will be considered as the biological parents of the born child in this case
  • Extraction of Sperm from the intended father along with the egg from the Donor to develop the embryo
  • Egg retrieval from the Intended mother and using it along the Donated Sperm to develop the embryo
  • Donated sperm and the eggs get mixed via IVF and the embryo is then transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother.

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