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Gay surrogacy has come up as a critical element of the overall surrogacy process and its solely dependent on the existing rules and guidelines of a particular country. Although Gay surrogacy is banned in most of the countries like India, Bangkok has come up as a good alternative for most of the gay couples around the world with its affordable and ethical surrogacy programs.

Moreover, Surrogacy point Bangkok is one of the most renowned surrogacy agencies in Bangkok providing most ethical and affordable surrogacy programs to all the Gay couples or Same sex parents since past 12 years. Whilst being a Gay couple or same sex parent, you don’t really need to worry about the legal aspects and everything else as our medical counselor and physicians would be there at your service from start to end.

Surrogacy services on offer for Gay couples

If you are gay couple and looking for a surrogacy arrangement in Bangkok, we would be providing you the services of a surrogate mother and an egg donor (if required). Moreover, the name of the intended father would be there on the birth certificate along with the name of the surrogate mother. That would not be coming along as a barrier for the couples as the surrogacy laws in Thailand facilitates the rights and the interest of the Intended parents during the whole process. Moreover, our expert team of legal and medical professionals would be assisting you during every step of your surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy services on offer for same sex parents (women)

When it comes to same sex parents (women), we offer surrogacy programs along with Donor sperm services to all our valued clients worldwide. In order to get this done with utmost perfection, we have partnered with some of the best IVF clinics in Bangkok coming along with some renowned sperm banks. Moreover, when it comes to the birth certificate of the future child, the surrogate mother would be having her name mentioned on the same initially and the couples then need to put through all the required documents which are required to be furnished at the time of the allotment of child’s custody to the parents.

Why you must choose Surrogacy point Bangkok?

Here at Surrogacy point Bangkok, we are known for offering most reliable and affordable surrogacy services for all the couples around the world irrespective of their sexual orientation. You will be supported and assisted by our dedicated team of medical and legal experts all along your surrogacy journey and you can surely put your trust forward on our state of the art medical services and counseling alongside.