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Once a couple convince themselves in order to look forward for a surrogacy arrangement, one of the first task in hand comes as “finding a surrogate mother” to help them in realizing their dreams of parenthood alongside. Moreover, they can either find a surrogate mother on their own or contact a surrogacy agency in regards to the same.

Contacting a Surrogacy agency to find a surrogate mother

Before you start contacting a surrogacy agency in order to find a suitable surrogate, the first thing which you must do is to do a thorough background check of the same in due course. You may find a number of surrogacy agency in Bangkok or a many surrogacy agency in Kenya but their past background and client history is something which needs to be checked before you bring them on board for your specific requirements.

Choosing the surrogate mother

Not anyone can become a surrogate mother just like that and there is certain criterion which needs to be met in order to qualify for becoming a surrogate mother.

  • The Surrogate mother must have carried a child earlier in her past with all the good health
  • She must not be coming along with any sort of health or psychological problems
  • She must be aged between 25-29 years along with a good Body mass index (BMI)
  • She must be carrying all the support from her family in terms of her pregnancy
  • She must be residing in a country which permits surrogacy

Although there will be instances when the Intended parents would be doing the whole task of finding the surrogate by themselves, it’s always suggested to contact a surrogacy agency in order to get along with the same task. That’s where we ate Surrogacy point Bangkok comes to help all such couples whilst finding them the best surrogate mothers for their specific requirements.

Why you must choose Surrogacy point Bangkok?

surrogacy point Bangkok is one of the most trusted surrogacy agency in Bangkok which is been famous worldwide for providing the most ethical and affordable surrogacy programs to its clients. Ever since we established 12 years back, we have helped thousands of couples whilst making them reach to their goals and dreams of having a child in their lives. Apart from Bangkok, we have got our business outreached to a number of other countries like Mexico, UK, USA, Spain, Dubai, Australia, Ukraine, Canada, Kenya and Cambodia .All our surrogate mothers are properly screened and diagnosed for any kind of health issues and that is where we bring only the best surrogate mothers on board for our valued clients worldwide.

Get in touch with one of the members of our customer support team for any type of query or requirements in the same regards.