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Even though numerous couples around have preferred to go with IVF treatment so as to deal with their Infertility issues, Egg donation has come as a viable option when the women partner decides to delay or abandon her decision to conceive. While there are people who often look forward to egg donation services at their own, there are also those who look for it with the help of an egg donor agency.

Why Egg donation is required?

Egg donation services can be required by a particular person for numerous reasons and same can be:

  • Decreased ovarian reserve
  • Premature menopause
  • Multiple Miscarriages whilst using pregnant women’s eggs
  • Women aged more than 35 years with less Eggs number
  • Women coming along with certain genetic disorders and don’t want to convey the same forward to her child in the process

Although looking forward to egg donation services isn’t really a big issue altogether, it’s generally about the person who will be donating the eggs and got to go through various medical screenings and diagnosis in order to ensure the quality of the eggs that she is going to offer. On the other side, the female partner who will then be carrying the child will also be going through a list of medical tests and Diagnosis to check their capability of delivering a healthy child. This is where the right medical counseling and expert consultation has come into picture and helped lot of people in the past few years.

Why Surrogacy point Bangkok is best for egg donor services?

At Surrogacy point Bangkok, we have got the best egg donor profiles in our database and further check and screen our available donors for all the health and psychological aspects before making them deal with your specific case. Apart from various test and diagnosis, we always ensure of checking the family and personal background of the egg donor you are dealing with. This way, the child would be born with the right ethics and moral values infused into his genetics through the donated eggs and whilst we are at your side, you can always stay ensured of getting the best out of the whole process

We don’t believe in finishing the egg donation process in a hurry and bring on a list of checks in regards to the medical, psychological and moral checks for the egg donor profiles in our records.

Background and character check process of the egg donor

We understand that when it comes to bringing an egg donor on board, you certainly want only the best one for your specific needs. That’s why all the egg donor profiles in our records goes through a detailed medical and psychological assessment before getting along with your egg donation journey. Moreover, we further perform a thorough check of the character and personal background of the egg donor before bringing them in our records so as to ensure all the best egg donor profiles for our valued clients worldwide. Our egg donation process further involves:

  • we firstly invite the intended parents to go through the egg donor profiles we have on board and only after their selection, we get along with the same process
  • we then make them meet with the egg donor as well( in case if they want to) so as to make them have a clarity of whatever we have got in our records about those egg donor profiles.
  • Once agreed, the further process of Egg donation comes into picture and both the egg donors and the intended parents gets a summarized briefing about the whole process in the meantime.