Early pregnancy symptoms after an IVF treatment

It is a very normal thing today if you get to hear that a couple is unable to conceive a child naturally. Blame the lifestyle or any other factor; this has become the recent talk of the town!But thanks to advancements and technologies today that even this have a solution- and an effective one, “IVF”!While Infertility maybe caused by a number of Hormonal issues along with Low sperm count and Stress factors, Pregnancy can still be achieved by undergoing various types of IVF and ART treatments alongside. IVF process is a two step process if you talk about mainly- Fertilization of a woman’s egg and her partner’s sperm in a laboratory and then transferring the resulting embryo in her uterus. Once the egg is implanted, you then need to wait for almost two weeks time to witness the early symptoms for the Pregnancy which might include the following:

Some of the common Symptoms: Once you will enter that two weeks period, your body will start feeling certain changes and that might take your Stress and anxiety levels to bigger heights. Moreover, you can ascertain the success of the IVF treatment by checking in certain specific early Pregnancy Symptoms.

A Missed Period– While it’s not that usual that a pregnant women would be missing her periods, IVF patients can experience spotting or an irregular period about two weeks after the implant.
Certain Changes in Breasts- This would include a sense of fullness or being uncomfortable for your breasts in a normal size bra along with a sense of gentle touch within.
Headaches-Headaches are usually due to a jump in the Hormones within the body and either the body is preparing to Menstruate or the patient is undergoing certain Hormone therapy.
Fatigue– The Body would start getting exhausted and tired very easily and this can also be quoted as an early symptom.
Nausea– Nausea is usually a common symptom whether it’s Normal Pregnancy or with IVF.
Recurrent Urination and Thirst – While the Metabolism of the body gets on a surge, the person can experience frequent urination and thirst during the process and this can also be termed as one of the early symptoms of Pregnancy.
Excess Saliva– Mostly due to Nausea and Hormonal surge, body would start generating Excess Saliva.
Cramps and Bleeding-Cramping and Bleeding can also makes you ascertain about the success of your IVF as this is one of the Early symptoms of Pregnancy.
Mood Swings-Mood swings can not only be quoted as one of the most common symptoms for not only Pregnancy with IVF, but Normal Pregnancy too. Being a patient, you will find yourself being happy and sad for no reason and this is something which you must need to get on with during the whole period of 9 months.
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