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Blastocyst culture

Blastocyst is a name given to the embryo once it gets through the fertilization period of 5-6 days and an embryo must reach to this development stage in order to be implanted further into the uterus of the female expecting the pregnancy out of the whole process. Additionally, the overall formation of the blastocyst is more multidimensional in this form and this is different from the previous stages of the embryo mainly because of the larger number of cells present. Moreover, the cells gets transformed into two further categories which include the trophectoderm( which plays a big role in the implantation process to the lining of the uterine) and the inner cell mass ( helps in pushing the number of cells to the foetus )

The process of egg fertilization takes place after the ovulation process and the embryo would then be going to clatter as it would be travelling via the fallopian tube. Moreover, the Blastocyst gets formed once the embryo reaches the uterus.

Advantages of the Blastocyst culture

One of the biggest advantages of the Blastocyst is that it enhances the chances of pregnancy more than the embryo during the overall IVF treatment. On the other side, a developed embryo gets transferred within the 3rd day of the embryo development process.

Significance of Blastocyst culture

Although Blastocyst holds much of the significance in the overall process of IVF, it comes with almost relevance to other aspects as well.

  • Blastocyst culture almost comes as a blessing for all those couples who have been through with a number of unsuccessful IVF cycle instituting the process of embryo transfer to the uterus within the day 3 and still not been able to form the Blastocyst even after that time period.
  • A Blastocyst culture also makes it possible for the IVF expert to ascertain the embryo with the best chance of going through the implantation process
  • It also eliminates the risk of multiple pregnancies while limiting the number of embryos developed during the fertilization process
  • Blastocysts prove beneficial for all the women aged more than 37 years as it limits the need of getting 3 embryos transferred on day 3 by making way to the Blastocyst transfer on day 5 in the process.

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