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Becoming a Donor

Once a couple think about going for a surrogacy program in order to look for their future child, there may be instances that either of them might be carrying some sort of infertility issues alongside and might need to bring an Egg donor or a Sperm donor to their surrogacy program. On the other side, not everyone can become an Egg or sperm donor and there is certain pre-defined criterion which needs to be met in order to become the same.

Criterion to become an Egg donor

  • The women must be aged between 21-28 years
  • She must also be having her regular monthly periods
  • Must not be coming along with any sort of physical or mental disorders
  • She must also be having her BMI (Body mass index) fewer than 28
  • The women must not be addicted to smoking, or any kind of drugs
  • She must also not be going through a Depo-Provera shot course
  • She must also not be using an Implanon/Nexplanon arm implant
  • The women must also be comfortable with any sort of medical and psychological diagnosis and tests
  • Must be comfortable of going through an injectable medication when required
  • Must be comfortable with the egg donations process and its duration
  • Must be physically and mentally prepared for donating her eggs to the Intended parents

Criterion to become a Sperm donor

  • The person looking to become a Sperm donor must be aged between 18 and 41
  • Must not be coming along with any sort of pre- existing medical issues like sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • The Man must not be going through any physical and mental disability
  • Must be following a healthy diet and lifestyle in general
  • Must not be coming along with any kind of inherited physical and mental condition
  • The men must also not be carrying any kind of infections or chronic illness
  • The person must be comfortable to go though the entire sperm donations process whilst furnishing all the required details in the process.
  • The person must also be comfortable enough to be recognized as a sperm donor after the future child becomes 18 years old (subject to the various terms of agreement)

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