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Assisted Hatching

When a couple or an individual starts along with an IVF treatment, a process termed as “ assisted hatching” is generally brought into use in order to facilitate the implantation of an embryo to the women’s womb. The process sounds simple at the first go but comprises of a number of steps and processes in the meantime which requires some good time and patience by all the couples seeking the same.

What is assisted hatching?

One of the initial steps in the pregnancy process comes with the male sperm helping to trigger the fertilization process with the female eggs and this would then result in the formation and development of the embryo. Talking further about these natural ways of conceiving, the whole fertilization process gets underway in the fallopian tube whilst the couple goes through the sexual intercourse at the time of ovulation. The fertilized egg, which has gone through the fallopian tubes in the uterus, would now trigger the fertilization process. Additionally, the implantation process can be undertaken only after a week of fertilization process. This end to end support to the implantation process in IVF is famously been known as assisted hatching.

Who all requires assisted hatching?

Although normal hatching is a core part of every pregnancy journey, assisted hatching is generally required in the following circumstances and medical conditions

  • Hatching is an undeniable part of most of the successful pregnancies and births but assisted hatching is required in cases where the embryos don’t hatch on their own
  • assisted hatching also comes as a great help to all those women who have experienced at least have at least two unproductive IVF treatments
  • it helps all those females who are aged more than 38 years old
  • There are chances where the embryos are diagnosed with certain abnormalities like thick outer wall and so on, during the IVF treatment. This is where Assisted hatching comes of great help for the person under treatment

Benefits of Assisted hatching

There may be a situation during the IVF treatment where the egg implantation process hasn’t been carried out in a proper manner. That is where assisted hatching proves beneficial for all the couples who are going through the treatment process.

Apart from that, assisted hatching proves beneficial in the overall success of the implantation process and further support the inception of blastocyst culture.

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